Covid-19 studio update

At this current time the studio is still closed, we're waiting until the lockdown is lifted and when the government deem it safe for us to continue.

New bookings

We welcome deposits (which help support our business in this hard time) and we plan to add people on to a list so the sooner you place a deposit the sooner we can find you a space when we can. But for now we cannot make promises we do not know if we can keep so we're currently not giving out dates for bookings.

Already placed a deposit?

For anyone that already with a booking we will of course honour any deposit and hold it until a new date can be agreed, these people will of course get first dibs on a new date.

Ways you can support us

Buy vouchers, jewellery, body jewellery, artwork from Slava or Sasha or commission a piece of art to be made of anything you like.

Contact us by email at or facebook for more information

For now stay safe everyone, all the best!

#Covid #stayhome #staysafe

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